EU Commercial News

The European Commission announced last week its three main focus points concerning the creation of a digital single market. These are as follows.

Firstly, improved access to digital goods and services for both consumers and businesses with a particular emphasis on the enablement of cross-border e-commerce through harmonised consumer protection and consumer contract rules and improved delivery systems for goods. The Commission also acknowledges the challenge of addressing the issue of “geo-blocking” whereby consumers are prevented from accessing online services available in other EU countries without justification or where consumers are re-directed to a local outlet for the relevant goods or services which often have different prices.

Secondly the EU Commission is set to review the telecoms and media rules with a view to creating an environment that will encourage investment in the latest high technology communications infrastructure across the EU member states in a coherent way. The Commission believes this approach coupled with pan EU spectrum management and further data protection regulation to enhance the protection of individuals as far as the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data is concerned, will assist in promoting trust in online services across the EU through greater transparency.

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