Chris MacRae

Managing director and founder of GMC

GMC was established by Chris MacRae as a consultancy specialising in advising and assisting its clients with their queries and commercial matters in the following areas.

Intellectual Property such as: patents , trademarks and copyright. In this field GMC can help with trademarks in the UK and trademarks in the EU or with international trademarks, trademark searches, trademark applications and queries concerning trademarks and Brexit.

Data Protection Regulations including the GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

General Commercial matters such as the negotiation and settlement of commercial contracts and commercial contract amendments. GMC also advises companies on management and corporate law.

Specialising in intellectual property law, data protection principles and commercial law means GMC assists individual business owners, company directors, business partners,  their companies and partnerships, commercial contracts managers and supply chain managers.

We  also act for individual inventors and innovative businesses.

Our Values


GMC acts only within its chosen specialist areas to ensure its clients receive top quality expert advice. 

GMC  can manage any other routine legal matters by referring to its network of associated firms.

Commercial Awareness

GMC’s expertise in its areas of practice combined with its extensive experience in these areas enables it to provide  focussed, commercially aware advice. 


GMC leverages technology and its experience to progress its clients’ business in the most cost efficient manner.