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Businesses, whether large or small, need their transactions drafted negotiated and concluded in a cost-efficient, commercially minded and competent manner. As commercial contract lawyers in Edinburgh and Glasgow GMC can help with the complete range of commercial contracts and commercial contract amendments required by any business.

GMC, a commercial law firm in Glasgow and in Edinburgh, has extensive experience in the drafting, negotiation and settlement of a wide range of commercial contracts and corporate transactions including the sale or purchase of companies and the purchase, sale or licensing of commercial and intellectual property assets.

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Commercial Services.

Terms and Conditions

Well drafted terms and conditions of trading are critical for every business. They can provide some degree of protection against typical trading issues that may arise.

IPR Transfers

Intellectual property may need to be transferred for many commercial reasons and such transfers are usually carried out by assignations in Scotland, which are known as assignments in England & Wales. This is a specialised area of law that requires careful consideration from a number of different perspectives.

Asset Sales and Purchases

Businesses often need to dispose of, or to purchase assets they use.  These transactions should always be properly documented to ensure the business is protected against typical risks inherent in such transactions.

Finance Agreements

Finance, cash flow and the relationship between a business and its bankers is crucial to the success and indeed the survival of all businesses. Accordingly, professional assistance with the review, negotiation and settlement of financial agreements concerning the business is important.

Software and other IPR Licensing

Businesses are often either a licensor or a licensee of software and other intellectual property rights. In either case the terms of licences usually need careful consideration and drafting. Such review minimises the risk of difficulties arising following the conclusion of the relevant licence.

Website Design, Build and Maintenance Agreements

Both from the fundamental issues such as ownership to issues such as regulatory compliance, the contracts for design, build and maintenance of websites require careful consideration and management.

E-Commerce Terms and Conditions

E-commerce involves several extra regulations about consumer rights and safeguards. Businesses trading goods and services over the internet must comply with these regulations.

Debt Recovery, Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

Contentious issues can and do arise in business and if they do arise, it is important to address them as early as possible. Whether it is a simple debt collection matter or a more complex matter, ensuring that the issue is professionally dealt with will usually help resolve the matter, preferably before more formal (and more expensive) court proceedings are required.

GMC has experience that can assist its clients in the negotiation and out of court settlement of commercial disputes and has correspondent firms and that can assist should formal commercial litigation proceedings be required.