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Patent services.

Gordon MacRae & Co can provide advice and assistance with all post grant patent matters such as infringement matters or the licensing or sale of patents and can also assist with the selection of a firm of Patent Attorneys where patent protection is being sought.

Trademark Services.

Gordon MacRae & Co can provide the full range of trademark advice and services from handling an initial trademark application through to dealing with trademark infringement matters, or the licensing or sale of registered or unregistered trademarks. Brand management is an increasingly important aspect of business on which Gordon MacRae & Co can advise and assist its clients.

Copyright Advice.

Copyright protection can arise in relation to a wide range of products and services. It is a complex area of law and as with all areas of commercial and intellectual property law it is recommended that specialist advice is sought as early as possible in any matter. Gordon MacRae & Co is able to bring extensive knowledge and experience to bear in advising on any copyright matter such as: copyright protection, licences, assignations or assignments and copyright infringement issues.

Commercial Contracts and

E-Commerce Services

Gordon MacRae & Co are interested in ensuring that its clients gain as much protection and risk reduction as possible. This is achieved by the provision of intellectual property, commercial and contract services that enable the client to commercialise their intellectual property in an optimal and appropriate way whilst ensuring that their key commercial agreements are sufficiently well documented with soundly concluded commercial contracts and any other commercial documentation required. We can advise on and assist with all types of commercial contracts. Typical examples include: patent and trademark assignations, assignments or licences; agency, supply and distributorship contracts; supply of goods and services terms and conditions; software and website development and licensing contracts; university spinout agreements; collaboration and commercialisation agreements; outsourcing agreements and franchising agreements.

Corporate Services.

Corporate Services include advice on: the formation of companies, the settlement of shareholders’ agreements and the acquisition or sale of companies and due diligence services for sales or acquisitions, in particular for companies dealing with or holding intellectual property.

Legal Outsourcing Services.

Gordon MacRae & Co Ltd is interested in providing short term legal outsourcing resources to companies or law firms that have or that anticipate a temporary increase in intellectual property and/or commercial work. Subject to the company’s current commitments and on a non-exclusive basis, remote working arrangements, onsite provision of services or secondment arrangements can be considered to provide one further commercial and intellectual property lawyer to your team to deal with a temporary increase in the workflow of your business.

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